Thursday, May 01, 2014

Sooner Than I Thought

Sean got engaged to his gf last night.

I am never wrong about these things


Perpetua said...

Oh, lady. I'm so, so sorry. This is awful. HE is awful.

I hate to be the kind of person who says this, but I AM that person, so what the hell: at least you've seen his dick. By which I mean, the last (non-medical/army) person who should have been naked with him is the GF, since that's the person he's choosing to marry (and they don't have an open relationship or whatever--right?? I've always assumed they didn't).

No matter how he wants to play it off, he had sexy naked time with you while in a relationship with his future wife. So. Not. Cool. But you know what? That's her problem now. I hope she enjoys it.

As for you: you should ask for your journals back. Ask for the letters back. He doesn't deserve that stuff. Take your heart back, lady.

AND. I hereby volunteer to fly you to KNK or KNK to you. Because you guys have been dealing with a world of shit lately. You guys should hang out and eat cupcakes and tell the world to fuck off for a week. Or a weekend. Whatever.

(I am completely serious about this, btw.)

Denise Jordan said...

Even though it does not feel like it, this will be the best thing to happen to you in a long time. To say Sean does not have healthy boundaries is quite the understatement. This lucky gf of his will be the one to suffer the consequences of his bizarre behaviors. You can do so much better, girl. Let him go.

kanliner01 said...

sucks to Love someone and show them that you love them and get nothing
back it does Its going to take time to completely move on I feel for you
my dear friend and Its not you're fault not at all it´s never wrong to
fall in love you took the chance you're a brave and strong woman I
respect you for going for it. it hurts but it will make you stronger
much love friend go out have fun keep busy time will help you heal
you're heart see you in space

MaryPoppins said...

My jaw totally dropped when I read this.

I agree with Denise. This will be hard, but maybe it's the best way to help you to let him go?