Friday, May 02, 2014

'Lord Give Me Strength'

Me: so when were you going to tell me about the engagement

Sean: [my gf's] health is not the best
Sean: I figured I might be able to do something about that  thru navy benefits
Sean: she has a tumor behind her eye

Me: ????????
Me: So you're marrying her so she gets your navy benefits?

Sean: no
Sean: i'm not married
Sean: and no time soon
Sean: it looks like 

Me: But if you aren't married how is she going to get your benefits?
Me: I'm confused

Sean: It's confusing, so you are not wrong
Sean: my family is giving me the business about how i should be getting married 
Sean: but they are scaring her away

Me: so they want you to get married. but they are scaring her away. she needs your benefits but you aren't getting married soon for her to use them. sorry.not sorry but this is confusing. 

Sean: accept it. 


MaryPoppins said...

Damn. Now I'm confused.

Denise Jordan said...

I'm with you, Mary! This guy is a piece of work!

Lisa said...

He's an ass...Run...Run as fast as you can. He is not good, or healthy for you. You are better than him. You deserve better than him.